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What to expect

At my Physio Clinic I will carry out a number of specific tests to assess the position of the body. I will assess your gait and carry out objective tests on the position of your pelvis, ribcage and skull to see which muscles are overactive and working too hard. When necessary I will also consider other factors that can influence your body, in particular your footwear, your bite and vision.



As part of your assessment I will check your footwear to see what effect that is having on your position. If you wear orthotics I will check to see if they are having a detrimental/positive effect on your body.



I will also consider the effect of your bite (teeth position) during the assessment process. Anyone who grinds their teeth, has a click/clunk in the jaw, lost teeth or had extractions could indicate that the jaw is in the incorrect position and this could cause the muscle chains to become overactive. The ability to sense teeth and the way the teeth come together will have an impact on the muscle chains around the neck and skull. If your bite is influencing your position I may need to refer you on to a specialist dentist who can make a custom fit relaxation splint to free up the occlusion.



In my assessment process I will consider your vision and the effect the eyes are having on the muscle chains in your body. In a number of long term chronic/complex patients the visual system can be influencing body position. In the clinic I will assess what effect your glasses or contact lens prescription is having on your body. Sometimes I need to refer you onto a behavioural optometrist who can get the eyes working together more effectively and help to improve the position of your body.


“My mission: To get your body in to a position where you can breathe optimally, achieve a state of rest & move more efficiently”



What I do?

  • I assess and treat the cause of pain and injury
  • My clients/patients are actively involved in their treatment
  • I only work with patients/clients that are committed to the treatment process to ensure long term success
  • I give you the tools to reduce your pain and minimise your risk of injury
  • I will give you a clear plan for how we can help you get back in control of your body


What I don’t do?

  • I don’t treat symptoms
  • I do not use any machines, dry needling or accupuncture
  • I do not focus on the problem area, I consider the whole body
  • I don’t offer ‘passive’ treatment
  • With more complex cases, I don’t work alone. I work hand-in-hand with other specialists including dentists and optometrists


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