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Our Approach to back pain Is Completely Different To Traditional Physiotherapy
Exercises often give immediate relief

And The Best Part Is You Will Be Given A Programme To Put You In Control & Help You Stay Back Pain Free For Good

Learn About How My Unique Approach to Back Pain Can Help You

If you have been treated with physiotherapy for your back pain before you will find our approach very different.

We systematically and objectively get to the root cause of patterns that cause pain and discomfort. There is simply no other physiotherapy approach that is as comprehensive for back pain. And the best part is: you will learn to treat yourself.

Whether you have recently started with back pain or have suffered for years and tried everything, you can find a new level of relief and control over your symptoms from this unique method of treatment.

Treatment for your back pain will consist of assessment, exercises and manual therapy to decrease symptoms and restore ease and movement.

This is NOT a “no-pain, no-gain” approach. Exercises often give immediate relief and give you independent control of your back pain symptoms.

Your back pain treatment at our physiotherapy & sports injury clinic will typically last 1 hour and will be strictly 1-on-1.

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Martin Higgins
Back Pain Specialist
  • I use a unique 3-stage Programme to help people be free of back pain
  • Get To The Root Of Patterns That Cause Pain And Discomfort. 
  • No Other Physiotherapy Approach Is As Comprehensive and tailored to your specific problem.  
  • With specific hands-on techniques in the clinic and a tailored programme for you to follow at home
  • I will help you understand your individual factors that are causing your back pain and address them
  • Take back control without the doubt and uncertainty of the back pain returning

Back Pain Physio - Physio Back Pain

Results May Vary from Person to Person

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