Sports Injuries Treatment


Did you know that the type of trainers you
wear could contribute to your neck pain
That your foot pain may not be a problem with your foot?


With unrivalled expertise and clinical experience working in full time professional sport, I have worked with some of the countries leading athletes across a wide range of competitive sports to help them recover from all types of career threatening sports injuries to go on and achieve their full potential. I understand the importance of you getting back to a full training programme for that big race or game. I use my advanced Postural Restoration techniques to treat a range of conditions and sports  injuries in sports enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Compensation or instability in one area will directly affect another. I see the body as a system and look at how all the parts interact with one another. This enables me to find the true cause of your injury or pain and ultimately results in better outcomes and more efficient movement throughout your body.

For those who have had a sports injury, it is often the pre-existing patterned movement that sets you up for injury, and that addressing the pattern will be crucial not only for recovery from the current injury but also preventing recurrence of the injury as you return to your chosen activity.

Over the last decade I have provided Sports Injury services to professional sports clubs, individuals and international teams. These include European tour golfers, Premier League Footballers, Olympic hopefuls, footballers, cricketers, jockeys and tennis players.

If traditional treatment hasn't got rid of your sports injury, contact us and I'll show you how Postural Restoration can get you back on the field quickly.

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