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Lynn - Runner - Chronic Hip Pain Testimonial

Graham - Chronic Hip Pain testimonial 

Chronic hip pain testimonial

Jane - Chronic Low Back Pain Testimonial

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for sorting out my longstanding left hip pain problem.
My problems started in my late 20’s after retiring from competitive judo - I am now in my early 50’s. The pain has got worse and over the last 10 to 15 years I have seen various hospital consultants, numerous physiotherapists and a couple of chiropractors all on a more and more frequent basis.
Despite their best efforts my pain has steadily got worse, to the point where I was in constant discomfort when sitting, standing or walking and the pain was so bad that it was waking me up at night.
On my first visit I was prepared for the standard hip and ITB deep massage physiotherapy along with perhaps some stretching exercises…but that didn’t happen…in fact you told me to stop stretching and you did none of the usual deep tissue massage.
After observing my posture and gait I started with a number of exercises, which were nothing like anything I had ever been given by any of the other practitioners I had previously seen, including some to re-align my bite and improve my breathing.
After three weeks of these exercises I have walked pain free for the first time in many, many years.
I would recommend you without hesitation for anyone who has chronic conditions that have failed to response to standard physiotherapy or chiropractic techniques.
— Graham, York
Martin helped immediately with the initial back problem. He gave me a number of exercises which worked straight away. The treatment has had a more profound effect on my everyday life as it’s helped me to understand the interrelationship between seemingly non related things back, jaw position and eyesight. This has helped me in my general wellbeing as I am now able to switch off and completely relax.
— Phill, York
I have played regular cricket, hockey and squash all my life. After 2 years of trying to resolve acute pains in my hip and lower-back following an injury to my hip, Martin was literally a miracle cure i.e. within the space of 3 hours the pain was gone. I left the clinic feeling as if my life had changed. More importantly, the regular manipulation required to click my back and hip into place stopped after seeing Martin. Absolutely amazing!
— David, York
After many years as a keen sportsman, in 2012 it was diagnosed that I needed a full left knee replacement operation at the age of 66yrs old. The operation was successful. However due to the lack of physical exercise pre-op and post-op I developed Achilles Tendinopathy (tendinitis) in the left ankle in June 2013. My consultant recommended MARTIN HIGGINS. Martin identified the causation of the Achilles injury and the severe pain this injury inflicted is now completely gone.

I found Martins professionalism, knowledge of sporting related injuries and sensitive approach outstanding. Thanks to Martins advice and support I am now back to a full active life.
— Dave, York
I have worked closely with Martin for over a decade in managing elite sportspeople from a variety of backgrounds. His abilities to listen, clinically examine, reach a reasoned diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment plans at the highest level are outstanding. He is also renowned as a superb educator – his clarity of thought and ability to explain complex conditions in understandable ways allow his patients to commit to their treatment and achieve the best outcomes. I would have no hesitation in asking him to treat me, or members of my family
— Mr Doug Campbell, Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon
Martin has a unique and different understanding of how the body works, resulting in dramatically effective new techniques and exercises to resolve all kinds of physical issues. His techniques have enabled me to make great progress in recovering from back pain that has ruined my life for the last 20years, and now I am starting to be able to play the sports that I love again. I have been to many osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists and nothing had made a noticeable difference until I met Martin. His approach is very unusual, and the exercises at first seem strange, but they are extremely effective, and once you start to understand the principles, they put you back in control of your body.
— Walter, Ilkley
I’d been suffering with constant back pain for 8 months and had paid for 18 sessions with a private physio (nearly £600) who had tried ultrasound, exercises and acupuncture to get on top of my pain and I was under a specialist on the waiting list for an MRI scan. I was taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers and I was using a TENS machine and sacroiliac support belt most days to get me through. I was working reduced hours and had time signed off sick. Martin took his time to explain his approach and that it was different to techniques used by other therapists. After his assessment he started me on some exercises. By the end of the session my pain was significantly reduced and after doing the exercises frequently for 24 hours, the following morning I woke up pain free for the first time in as long as I could remember. I’ve had two sessions with Martin now and I’m pain free most of the time as long as I remember to do my exercises. I would not hesitate to recommend Martin to you, I am so grateful for the recommendation made to me!
— Nicki, Saltaire

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