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An Innovative Physiotherapy Approach

Leeds Physio - London Physio

I consider the alignment and position of the whole body and use an integrative treatment approach.  Watch my video to give you an overview of how I  treat the cause of pain and injury.

I use Postural Restoration to restore the balance in your body. I treat the cause of Pain & Injury, not symptoms.

The 3 egg analogy - Rethinking Physiotherapy

In the clinic I use the analogy of balancing three eggs on top of each other. The eggs represent the skull, ribcage and pelvis. If one of the eggs is out of position it will have a knock on effect on the position of the other two eggs. I use my clinical expertise and experience to determine which 'egg' is influencing the muscle chains in the body.

Many of the people I assess in my clinic present with one of their 3 eggs out of position. In some cases this balance can be restored quickly whilst for others they will need more intense and ongoing interventions. 

With chronic and recurrent injury cases, I use specialist physiotherapy techniques, considering the influence of the patient's 'bite', footwear and vision. I address each of these areas as necessary, working closely with a specialist team of dentists,optometrists and podiatrists to improve patient outcomes.

A high percentage of my caseload are sports injuries, back pain and also patients with complex cases that have not responded to traditional approaches. In such complex patients, they may also be suffering with other symptoms limiting their ability to enjoy life. These commonly include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, breathlessness, finding it hard to breathe, stress, pelvic floor problems, poor sleep and the inability to 'switch off' and rest.

My approach works by restoring the correct position of the head,ribcage and pelvis to enable the individual to walk, run, rotate, breathe and rest more efficiently and with a reduction in pain and likelihood of further injury. 

Read more about the 3 eggs

... Martin’s techniques have enabled me to make great progress in recovering from back pain that has ruined my life for the last 20years, and now I am starting to be able to play the sports that I love again.
— Prof Gregory, 58, Ilkley

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